Election 2016

Well Turnbull had his brilliant policies rejected by parliament so many times that he called an election. Don’t bend it Turnbull break it. It seems he was so confident in his policies that he had to inevitably clear the dead wood and get some power back. Well he could have doubted himself for a moment and thought that maybe his agendas thinly disguised as policies were not that useful for the general populace and the parliament was really doing its job.

He asked people to avoid independents and generally help him get his agendas back on the table. Well nobody really appreciated his initial ideas in the first place and now he has to cobble together some kind of credible coalition with a bevy of independents taking advantage. The Labor party managed to scare a few people their way but they couldn’t get a majority. Turnbull hasn’t learnt his lesson either. He will just go back to his over confident attitude and brush it off as a bit of bad luck, not understanding that he is out of touch giving the independents a clear chance.

It isn’t the best outcome and Turnbull gets away with being an over confident believer in his own amazingly applicable Liberal agendas. Abbott was on the same wavelength but wasn’t subtle about it but this really shows Turnbull for what he really is. A mouth piece for his party and not the Australian people.


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