Holidays were great in Nimmity

Nimmatabel was amazing, the first night was below zero temps it was pretty cosy in the caravan but it was a niggling cold. It got into everything really. But the day was quite clear and the night sky was incredible. It clouded over the next few days so it was a little warmer, a cosy 6 degress but it was nice as there was no wind. We left when it started raining to avoid getting bogged and stuck for the rest of the week. It was around 2 degrees when we left if it was a little colder we would have got some snow but it was too warm really. We spent most of our time at an out door fire which was really enjoyable. Finally I got away for the first time in a while and my daughter loved it. We passed through Canberra and had a couple of stop offs before getting into Cooma then driving a direct dirt track for a couple of kilometres to my friends property.

It was the most remote camping I have ever done, it was really in the middle of nowhere. There was no phone service or internet it was totally off the grid and you have to bring in water. It was pretty civilised in that we set up a large tent as a bathroom, we had a retro caravan which was small but had two bed spaces. We did have rain water as well as our own water and we had a lot of food. We cooked on the fire coals basically baking potatoes and we had a grill so some tofu and vegie burgers were made. I did a spray work on my mates van which was his camp for the time there. We met his ex and partner who are higher up on the property and have been there for their second winter. There set up was very ‘Mad Max’ it was quite amazing to see them being quite self sufficient with solar and batteries.

There TV room was a balmy 25 degrees and they have four cats who are like guard dogs in a way looking out for snakes and feral pigs. I was surprised to see Joe taking one of his cats for a walk because they can spot snakes and other animals really well. A couple of their cats have died from snake bites so usually the cats stay indoors. The whole experience was surreal and it was amazing seeing the work they have done literally building their own roads on the property to improve access. It was a real surprise but great to see people being resourceful.

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