Well I have a week holiday from my job so I am heading down to Nimmitabel down near Cooma for a few days. I plan on doing some spray work though I want it to be sensitive to the area. Will get some video, photos maybe some drawing. It will be me Michael and my youngest daughter. We are setting off Sunday morning. Hopefully we will see some snow and the Milky Way. It gets pretty cold down that way so we have a caravan and warm gear. It is not far from the Snowy Mountains which has had some bigger snowfall this winter so far. We are not as elevated so the snow is usually light in Nimmity but it is still cold especially at night. It has been a very long time since I have been more than two hours out of Sydney. I usually go to the Blue Mountains to visit Michael and my Dad. It has been about 13 years since I have ventured a long way out of Sydney into other parts of the state. I used to go all along the coast to other states. Melbourne, Brisbane but I have kind of been locked into a routine the last decade. Next year I plan on going to see my eldest daughter in Warren. It is always great to get the girls together they share a lot of interests. Warren is flat and dry, more inland and it can get very hot. It is a small town. Well its good to finally break out of my comfort zone. It has actually frustrated me not to be able to get away but it was mainly due to my relationship breakdown which kind of stretched over years. At least my daughter has had a few holidays with her Mum interstate. It was annoying to be left out but now the separation is all official and we have gone our separate ways my daughter who lives with me can actually go on a holiday with me sans Mum.

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