Well I have managed to get a fair amount of creative time back into my life which is pretty good. One of my close friends said he missed me on Instagram and Facebook so I reinstated Instagram to kind of pretend to be normal. The issue I have is multitasking and attention. I can get quite obsessed with looking at social media just to see what is going on in a bigger picture sense but I found I wasn’t necessarily getting out there enough. The multitasking is the issue too because I will focus into the activity feed kind of forgetting to let my brain have breathing space. Concentrating on my web sites has been good especially my graffiti site as it always becomes active with posts and really it is very broad in the range of graffiti and image focused.

With Instagram I find it hard to just be slow and steady so I have to ignore it through the week and get different routines. People rarely go out of the feed to external sites but I try and make the focus external. Such as making the image just one part of a bigger focus based on my sites. That is hard on Instagram and it doesn’t really work but at least my friend and I can look at each others photos and there are a lot of interesting photos being posted anyway. It at least gives me a focal point for Instagram otherwise it would just be kind of random which has been my style in the past. Even if one person goes out of their feed at some point that is ok. I just have to pace myself and not get too sidetracked.

Facebook is still off the cards, I just don’t feel I own it so to speak. It is more a user pays system if you really want to get attention. I don’t really run a business at the moment at least and I never really have made much in the way of objects or art pieces but I do make them here and there. I have knocked back some paid work to focus on creative projects and this happens every few years. I can get business focused and do a few jobs over a year or so then go back to art. It seems I have done that on and off for years.

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