World around me

Its tricky these days pushing my own agenda because I don’t really have one. It seems I would blow my horn a lot in the past. It wasn’t just ego, maybe more staying relevant and a distrust of others. I never expected anyone else to push my work and thought people may not because everyone is self obsessed at least in graffiti anyway. These days though everyone is self obsessed so what do you do when you decide enough is enough?

Honestly I have no idea. Like I said I have no agenda. My graffiti friends are busy pushing their careers. It seems pointless but if you are fired up there are interesting people to work with. The doors have closed the shop is shut. Its never the end though. I am more creative than ever. The answers for me are to get social to get out in the world. I can’t sit in front of a screen and expect anything real to happen.

Computers are my hobby and I love making videos and sound art in different ways. But making stuff has lost its grip on the world out there. The screen is just a simulation the world though is all around. There is no use pushing creativity if it can’t get traction if it can’t engage. It isn’t about numbers or algorithms but people and I have lost that connection.

I have family responsibilies so realistically I can rarely get out and about but that isn’t the answer either. Its just about having a handle on the world. Taking my daughter to the city or a gallery or events.

Last year was a big year in terms of events and engaging. Just need to keep focused on the world around me.

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