Recently deactivated Facebook and Instagram, kind of conflicted about social media in general. Definitely not opposed to social media though I feel it chews up a bit of time. When I was a teen I would sit around and draw for hours on end if I were a teen today I could lose hours to social media. As an adult I always paced myself with social media but time has become so precious for me these days I would rather share ideas on this blog or share images on my graffiti site. It is hard to know what is worthwhile on the web it seems everyone is distracted and is time poor. In some ways I am winding back the clock and just doing what I feel comfortable with. In terms of graffiti I have kind of faded in the bigger picture but I feel my art is something that still makes me happy regardless of getting attention or being a big name. In a lot of ways I have nothing to lose and can let myself go on tangents. A lot of artists if they are making a living from art can not necessarily deviate too much from their trajectory. At least I have a bit of spare time and can do some more art and writing.

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