Recently after Zap had gone overseas the wall owner of the Hub let his son take over the wall until Zap gets back. It was a bit of a shock as I got a phone call from a friend letting me know the wall was being painted in entirety by a bunch of guys. I was heading there about to get the bus when I called the wall owner and got the message he was letting his son take over. So really the photos now are archival as it is mainly painted over at least the bottom area. I think Zap will lose it when he gets back but it is an opportunity to get something a bit more organised on the wall. We have been lucky having a prominent wall for highly experimental and edgy graffiti. Even though it is an under appreciated genre it is good to see very direct work. The next round may have a more design soft focus on the main expanse of wall with the grittier stuff on the track side of the wall.

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