Exploring space or exploring funding cuts

With the Western world edging further backward in time by the minute it makes you wonder what has happened to peoples fight. We seem to love poverty porn as mediated by large attention seeking media outlets. We constantly lay blame on attention seekers while seeking attention ourselves. We really are in a virtual war as well as a literal one for the real estate of our own minds and the minds of others. We can be ridiculed for having a “shady” past or for being “poor”, a possible “bludger” or “outcast”. The people who are “right” paint themselves as searching for a better world who want to clean up peoples act. They want to expose what they feel is the “truth” and engineer and shame the “bad” people.

*Sounds like an upper middle class family in a respectable suburb have used their professional acumen for all things correct to finally model a perfectly pre-industrialised world but with only nice people in it.*

It isn’t a new phenomenon, people have been working on this for years and people have enough real estate interest now to know they want a nice suburb preferably with people using iPhones. The local vandals are just thugs who will know no different so never before have we been able to stereotype as effectively than with social media. Some of it is harmless but the fun loving antics of a meth addict as ridiculed on social media and other general BS has lead the charge in a kind of new age ignorance based on mindless fun.

The garbage of social media like if you grow old it is your fault or if you get the flu your unhealthy the list just goes on with new self centred attitudes and understandings. It is primarily a conservative attitude, if you are X it is because of your Y. There is blame shifting in progress, our leaders are “heroes” while the “bludgers” and “lowlifes” are scaldedĀ for having more X than the others X whereas the others have more Y than the others have Y.

This is what gets me about the digital age, we have actually gone backward into a small minded world wide web. Everything now is too hard and nobody wants to pay for dreams, dreams that were about exploring the universe have become about exploring funding cuts.



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