Two threads

It is interesting to see how big names can get. What though is the difference between the current breed of big name graffiti artists and street artists? Graffiti has always been about abject qualities and street art design and acceptability. Though really it isn’t that simple as Banksy has an abject style as he wants to spread particular messages that can be challenging. Lush would be quite similar taking current trends and critiquing them. Lister would be less abject in relation to his fine art though will gladly do different styles for the street.

What are we looking at here? To break it into two separate streams you have Lush who says through his work I am no Picasso so I am going to conceptualise and then on the other hand you have Lister who is trying to be the next Picasso. Two separate ways of understanding their practice but both creating some of the best work in the country. Really a lot of graffiti artists want to be appreciated as artists though a lot of the time they fall into territorial disputes and gang like styles so it tends to be abject and it is all about the negative image. The abject tends to have been passed on by a lot of street artists though Banksy keeps the thread. Lister is pretty much the top end of aesthetic styles in this regard.

That is just how I see it, Banksy still has a thread of graffiti sensibility in his work and Lush can’t help it so really they are on the same page.

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