Mental health grillz

It has been a mental health awareness day today and it finished on a good note. I bumped into some friends from back when I finished high school. There was about four mentally ill people I used to hang with but two I kept in contact with. We went to poetry readings and hung out, it was pretty crazy but fun. The other two were quite far gone and a lot older and they couldn’t communicate from disorganised speech. The other two were very creative and a bit theatrical I don’t know if they maybe got into acid during the heady days of acid house parties but they were right out there. We always had a laugh and really explored poetry, more the kind of stuff you would expect from people with mental issues but great to have done it and have contributed to some readings at galleries in the early 90s.

I love seeing them, they are a lot more reclusive now but always positive and they have a lot of insight. They probably don’t even know that I have a mental condition I don’t think we ever spoke about it. What is great is they have access to social services and the medications they need. They have a nice unit in randwick and they are like big kids and have really big hearts. If I wasn’t so busy being busy I would love to hang out with them again they really are nice people and they tend to be creatively minded. They are a couple and I am always surprised to see what sort of things they are into I had to laugh as she had two gold teeth like a grill style so she has some taste too.

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