The last few weeks or so friends have popped by my house, it has been good as I haven’t really been out and about to see friends lately. The advantage is I live right near the beach so we can go for a swim or a walk along the beach and headlands. I do wonder why people don’t visit more often but as one friend said they have been caught up in the madness of work and money. One friend had a relative pass away recently and he wanted to take things a little slow and just relax, walking along the beach having a chat. Money suddenly wasn’t as important as it dawns on you all of the things you wished you had said to your relative. My uncle recently passed away also so I could relate and for me the coastline seems to melt problems away.

Talking is quite good, it can give you some perspective on your situation and prospects. As you get older too suddenly your perspective changes and you know where you fit or where your interests fit into the bigger picture. You have to be realistic and realise what your options are in real terms. That has been my focus and I am glad of where I am heading which is more into the regional belt of art and ideas. Sydney has truly got everything but not in abundance for the kind of direction I am taking. One of my friends is aiming for Europe as a possible option for their future work. In this day and age distance can become irrelevant and it will be great to see where we all land in the next ten years or so.

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