The argument for gender fluidity can be thought of in terms of variables. Even though male and female gender is key to reproduction it is difficult to see it as primary. In a sense it is primary to reproduction but not as an act of decency or primacy as some will argue. If that were the case then the choice not to reproduce would be indecent or abnormal whereas it is quite common and normal not to reproduce. In fact the primacy of variable acts and behaviours in regard to sexual activity are hard to argue against as what is to say gender fluidity is not a state of being or an act of being? Coming back to variables or difference is not radical or difficult it is just a state of choice and genetics and is a part of being human more than anything else. You should be open to different ways of living whichever way that falls. It gets important in high school when people are starting to find themselves. At the least parents are normally aware of their childs leanings but some may not be. That can lead to alienation and unnecessary stress.

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