Smoke and Mirrors

Well it is no secret who the best and most well known graffiti artists are in the world for the last number of years. There are a lot of talented painters and thinkers out there, the pinnacle though says a lot. If you take prolific artists like Banksy and Lush you can see social commentary and critiques in action. What is surprising though is how well they reflect our society, a place of injustice where wealth is in sharp contrast to human misery. This pinnacle¬†though of miserable aesthetics punctuated with clear messages is not a cause of celebration or overcoming but mirrors western societies own self loathing at its excesses and mediated self consciousness. There never was a cause for celebration or so we tend to think now, modernism was simply an error of understanding, we have always been spoiled brats ruining culture through power and privilege. The whole of history was probably another grand delusion and to really understand how far we have come just look at the shit art on display glorified in its own swill. Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate the bigger picture status and even the aesthetics but I want to believe in beauty even if it is something forever out of reach and wankified. I suppose that is why I like Shida maybe Twoone is a bit too decorative still love Vulcan, Phase2, Blade but it isn’t the rep but just the work. There is beauty out there but we need a mirror to look back into as well and it is pretty ugly.

One thought on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. doer baack in fine form, this reminds me of the kaput mural in glebe some 24 years ago, when you wrote something alog the line of if you dont respect you dont deserve shit!

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