By thinking it

My post about violence really opened a can of worms, so may people have been effected by it at some point but it seems a lot of writers from back in the day were targeted with aggression. Because my crew had a reputation you would think that every person in it was some sort of psycho but that wasn’t the case. Once you knew who was a psycho you just didn’t stay in those circles. Most guys who were a bit mental were not that creative and would get into crime because that was where they were at. I suppose I see the creative pursuits to be the true focus but there was undoubtably a lot of questionable activity. I gave a lot of guys a chance because everyone deserves one but once they started acting crazy I moved away letting them take their own path.

Some guys I would preach to, mostly the guys who seemed to be misguided and seemed to turn to aggression to find a balance. But you can’t balance violence with violence, the truth of the real is it’s inherent chaos. The real is just constantly moving and once you start seeing an order or feel you can create a balance you have probably lost sight of it. The chaos though is just the largely unprocessed information and stuff that is out there, you can’t just find balance by thinking it though it seems to do the trick better than actions. In a lot of ways there is a lot you can think yourself out of rather than just feeling justified to act in a certain way.


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