Have been trying to move important files into the cloud with a backup in the real world too. For years I have been moving files and backing things up on different machines and different drives. It has turned into a bit of a pain as I have accumulated so much digital detritus along the way especially really old stuff. The issue is just sifting through it, the main pain is that somewhere along the line my computer thumb nailed a lot of files. They are like copies I don’t know if it was some old linux system that did that. Essentially duplicates in a useless form and I never even knew I had them. I wonder if it was from a file browser so many years ago but it has created these small duplicates of icons, images etc. Now I am stuck slowly deleting them as they are useless and there are a lot of them. There are ways of doing it in a terminal but the file names are not consistent either so it makes a mass delete tricky. They were obviously auto generated with some desktop environment from years ago. I suppose it is going to be slow, also backed up my iPhoto library only to find that many files are orphaned, I still have the originals but they are in a drive. I guess I just need the most important it is inevitable some stuff will just need to be left behind. It will probably take me a while to sort this out but I will get there in the next few weeks or months.

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