transcript: zapgalaxy and the centabites edition 1

zapgalaxy and the centabites edition 1

The Earth has been invaded by the centabites leaving their corporations in charge of Earth’s resources. There seems to be no stopping their terrifying reign except for one band of rebels lead by zapgalaxy and his cohorts. Welcome to our quest to end the needless suffering of earthlings and free them from the centabites corporate greed.

galaxatron: It seems the earth is entirely surrounded, we need the cordinates of the corporote shield systems, Devron do you have them focused on our spectral displays?

Devron: garbled voice of devron
Galaxatron: Excellent, they won’t even see us coming, earth impact course. It could be a disaster if the asteroids arrive too early we must be careful.

Zapgalaxy: Galactatron, this is zapgalaxy can you read me?

Galactatron: This is galactatron loud and clear.

Zapgalaxy: We have found the centabites main propaganda machine in NC5479, we could be close to taking control of it.

galactatron: Excellent, this could be a pivotal victory the earth is almost completely destroyed and the centabites have sent asteroids to finish earth off.

cut to the centabites lair
Zeltron5: Ha ha ha zapgalaxy thinks he has us fooled, that machine was disabled long ago. Our corporate armies can’t be stopped ha ha ha those fools!!!

Dizastatron: Earth impact course, Zeltron5 in only a few hours earth will be no more.

Zeltron5: Ha ha ha we pillaged earth for everything it had now we will put it to rest.

Dizastron: But wait, whats happening? Our asteroids have changed course? Who did this? Noooooo!

cut to zapgalaxy

zapgalaxy: The centabites thought they had us for fools but we had a ruse, they may have taken over earth but they can’t destroy it, not under my watch.

Zapgalaxy saves the earth again from the centabites dispicable plans but there is much to do ridding earth of the centabites reign, until next time.

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