Dance parties

It was interesting how mind blowing late 80s dance parties were for me. Zap and I started going around 88 to the hordern for big dance gigs. They were put on primarily by the gay and lesbian community to open up lines with the general public to have fun and dance. They were quite epic, I was around fifteen when I went to my first dance party. I wasn’t taking drugs just having some alcohol and dancing it was the best vibe and a lot of guys I brought along were scared of the gay element but it didn’t bother me or Zap we loved the crazy costumes and fun. Nobody ever tried to hit on us or anything and we just totally lost it in the crowd. It is hard to explain the feeling because it was just so amazing. Raves kind of later seemed less creative in terms of dressing up and more about drugs so after 1991 I stopped going to dance parties. From 88 to 91 there were some massive rat parties it was a very creative venture for the organisers and attendees. This really changed my view on creativity and opened my mind to creative events and music. Not to say there were not great parties after 91, it was just for me the costumes and sci-fi vibe was really creative and I was in my element. To be honest my memory is pretty cloudy of older events but I remember the first party I went to with Zap and we couldn’t believe it. Our creativity is still tied to those days.

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