Optimistic fool

Have been focusing on sound based art since August, trying to keep it a bit dodgy and inventive. Made a small recording set up which fits in my tiny workspace. The Macmini is in use everyday now too enlisted to produce sound and my laptop records, it is pretty messy and I need to connect my microphone directly to the Macmini so I can add effects to it through jack-rack. Otherwise it is through my mixer and pretty raw, who cares anyway it is good fun either way. Have been sick with the flu on and off last three weeks and I am losing patience but a really bad flu can last up to four weeks like the whopper I had in 2010 that lead to a sinus infection thus adding the up to four weeks part. So far I have a bad cough and I was really looking forward to going to Tai Chi in the park tomorrow with a group so I hope I feel better in the morning. Have been doing a lot of Tai Chi when I have felt better and it seems I have remembered a bunch more moves from looking up videos on YouTube. Even though I have improved and extended my range I still feel like crap so it is probably better I just take it easy. So I am making headway and I feel happy but I have had niggling issues with flu and some other old injuries playing up. My body is saying don’t push it. My mental health has been outstanding but my body has some issues. I would love to feel better physically and I will keep trying to mend and heal, in general I am pretty lucky because the issues I have had haven’t been serious. Over the years it has been catatonia that has been a problem so I am trying to keep my body moving even though it is difficult and carrying injuries doesn’t help but I am more a fool for optimism anyway. Trying to remember the last time I felt great, it wasn’t that long ago really. I am rarely sick too, usually it is every four or five years I get a flu, damn it gotta get over the man flu bit.

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