inbuilt asynchronous sound art

It isn’t something that I usually share but it has an interesting side effect. Most of my life I have had audio hallucinations. When I was a kid I thought they were real noises and they never really bothered me. They would mostly happen when I was relaxing in bed. The sounds would change though usually they were bass sounds, it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realised they were not real sounds but hallucinations. It never really bothered me and it was in a lot of ways interesting because they could almost be felt. As I have gotten older the sounds happen while I am awake and for a fraction of a second, they can be like the noise between tuning a radio station or low hums. When they happen I completely forget who I am where I am and become focused on the sound. It only happens every month or so and is strange really. I almost had one today but the sound started to hum and I was beginning to focus and lose touch but then it stopped and I was back in reality again. I think these noises are what got me interested in sound art while I was at uni, I could relate to strange noises. When I saw Joyce Hinterding and David Haines show the initial fear I felt was being immersed in sounds that I have a familiarity with and not being quite sure. Sounds you can feel but interpreted through machinery. Of course the machine is one of those classic schizophrenic delusions. But I realised that what keeps me coming back to art is the noise. For me the noises are like tuning into another reality so it is quite odd to go to a show that literally tunes into other realities that are scientific fact. Of course for me I have had these connections built right into my brain and the hallucination becomes quite real. What a strange world we live in and how odd to feel these sensations and hear and feel sounds that aren’t even there but at the same time are there.

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