Weekend wanderings

So went to see Joyce Hinterding and David Haines show “Energies” at the MCA, it was initially overwhelming because there is a lot going on but as I went from piece to piece I started becoming more fascinated in what the works were doing and more submerged in the environment. Mainly tapping into energy that is all around us the pieces become alive and the fact that you are encouraged to interact and hear your interaction or hear the radio waves and energy from the sun is fascinating and enriching. In some ways I was fearful at first of this world that I hadn’t really heard or seen before in such detail but as I relaxed and listened or touched or smelt I left feeling satisfied and that I definitely wanted to go back and have another look which I will do.

Then went to Underbelly Arts which I had gone to last year and enjoyed. This year was a little different than last as it was more sparse and less cluttered in general. Of course the work was varied but I definitely enjoyed last year more as I felt the space was really filled to capacity and it seemed there was more going on. Probably the main performances started later this year maybe but there was definitely less engagement with the space itself. In a lot of ways Cockatoo Island is the star of the show and this year it was used sparingly a less is more approach though there were a few engaging pieces that I thought were immersive but I am glad I went though maybe if I didn’t go last time I probably wouldn’t be able to compare. Last time I was blown away, it was noisy and chaotic there seemed to be lots going on but I will still go next time either way.

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