I try not really to over analyse it but I do have a soft spot for lettering, I enjoy it and feel it provides a decent amount of structure to let me be creative within. Probably because I was a graffiti artist for a while is why I still use the structure of lettering to make some of my wall work. It isn’t even that i am interested in letters or typography in general but I do like it in some ways. My favourite way to experience letters is in skewed angles where the letters can seem joined just because of the angle or the size seems jagged and out of whack. I took a photo of some work by Jumbo and Zap some years ago and I photographed it in the way I described as skewed, it looked like nonsense because I cropped it but that was I liked about it. It is fun to play around with this lettering structure, it is basically fun to do like a nonsense riddle can be fun to hear. A lot of the time I just want to see what I can make and play with colours and lines. It is expression in so far as you can show movement but it is what it is, something distinct and of its own which can decorate a wall with colour and line. It may not mean anything but it can still be appreciated.

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