It is funny because a lot of my computer based work has been based on awkward stuff, many years ago I found a hard drive on the street as I would refurbish found computers and I found the poems of the hard drives owner. The content was quite personal so I displayed the work as a sound piece called “discarded words” by an unknown author. The show itself was about waste and how to recycle it, it was very fitting and well received. The original authors words found a voice and were quite special really which is why I think they lived on. The author probably moved on feeling they were irrelevant who knows. It really fitted my own work because I made some pieces one called “the shame machine”. This piece was a disorganised dialogue at once critical but indecipherable, a mad rant from an electronic voice. The computer now had a psychotic problem and was voicing its shame. The other piece which is not titled was even more difficult, it was trying to explain its delusions. Basically I decided the machines i.e. computers could be scripted or programmed to describe their issues with being deluded machines. All this comes back to the machine delusions that are common in schizophrenia. Another work that wasn’t as awkward was the work called “expand”, it was about graffiti invading the listeners body and spilling out of their body into unknowable places. In some ways these pieces can be the most difficult for me because they are so pointlessly poignant but they have been exhibited and the shame doesn’t generally rub off. Luckily I do other stuff too or the shame could be too much to bear!!!! I love showing these pieces though because I love to see the look of bewilderment on peoples faces that kind of look like what is this crap? It is bad but at the same time I believe people and art should be allowed to have problems : ) also some art can be too relevant and easy to digest as something that isn’t easy to be digested all the while, a kind of fashionable treatise on current trends. In saying that though so much stuff these days is aimed at the general public to create art events, there is a bigger push for mass appeal but who wants to see difficult stuff anyway? Really what is difficult these days is getting the wrong kind of cheese on your croissant or the coffee is burnt, that is difficult!

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