Live and let live

Sorry about all this writing, basically have a break in the routine of website work and art. Back onto Tai Chi again I remember the teacher going on about post traumatic disorder in western troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan primarily. It was in the news a lot at the time where returning serviceman would kill their family or some other crazy crime after they had served, the Tai Chi teacher was convinced it had a lot to do with the soldiers having good lifestyles where the violence say of meat production or violence in general was not part of their normal lives but was hidden and packaged. They had good lives where most things were just from supermarkets with packaging and then they were in the horror of war. The teacher seemed convinced that in prior wars soldiers had come from farms and were involved in slaughter and when they made it into battle and saw people slaughtered that blood and guts was not unknown to them. Even though they were greatly effected they came back without being deranged and put the horror behind them. I never really agreed with him on these points but can see his logic as my partners brother was a butcher and then became an ambulance officer and for him it isn’t necessarily easy but he is familiar with bodies in various states. He would not necessarily be a good soldier but he has seen some gore so maybe he would be the kind of person to serve. As you can see Tai Chi was pretty crazy and stressful even though it shouldn’t be but he was just trying to make us aware of the world we live in and at the time there was a lot of violence as two wars were being orchestrated and it made the news every second day. Currently there is the war with IS and that is its own horror story, my own personal opinion is that violence shouldn’t be hidden or apparent. A supermarket meat shelf can be a vegetarians nightmare though we don’t seem to care much or realise, violence against animals, genocide they are really quite different but the common denominator is violence and the question is do we need violence? I suppose if you look at IS maybe we do. Empathy and understanding are key to non violence. Killing animals is ok if it is quick but it just doesn’t seem right animals are there to be looked after and tended to most animals are pretty harmless and cute too. I only eat meat on Saturday and I guess for that I am a hypocrite but I can’t eat red meat unless at Christmas or special occasions. It shouldn’t be an every day thing you don’t need it unless you are developing but back to killing people are wars just a collective special occasion? Defence, offense it does make me sad and I inch closer to being a vegetarian as I don’t want anything to die.

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