Happy New Year!!!!

Well have pretty much summed up the year in my prior post, it has been good personally. Been working on some web development learning some more advanced techniques which has been interesting. Really loved ZapGalaxy’s new work from yesterday really surprised me. We had to do a patch up job on a wall that been tagged and we both applied a modular fix it system which worked well and will be used for future issues when they arise. Seem to be more interested in web development at the minute but we have some more work coming up in the new year with aerosol. More work in the inner west basically, as an aside it was amazing to see so many people getting photos taken in front of the wall. Had to wait 40 minutes and sat in the shade while young Asian couples, kids, more asian couples had their photos taken in front of the wall. Then when we are painting there must have been at least 50 people throughout the day taking photos in progress, finished etc etc. Really good to see that our work is attractive to tourists, it is colourful full of patterns and shading. That was all within a period of six hours so the photos must go on all day, we need a plaque or something.

Well thats it until around the 13th of January for painting I have a pile of other work to obsess over in the meantime, have a happy new year everyone and don’t drink too much at least that is what my Dad would say, stay off the alcohol, well I don’t drink so that is easy.

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