What a big year 2014 has been, 2015 looks even busier.

It has been a pretty big year, feel as though things started taking a good turn in 2013 as different opportunities arose and 2014 was a building year. Zap got some good walls and shared the love we painted our biggest project in April in Newtown with Lister. We did May lane twice the first time we got some grief and redeemed ourselves on the second round. We stood our ground and for a pair of dinosaurs our painting was fresh and inventive. I even made a return to some serious lettering which I didn’t expect. To think it isn’t quite over yet, there are still a couple of surprises left before the year ends. Managed to build on my work from 2013 and get more jobs in 2014 too. 2015 seems like it is going to be a big one, I have diversified and have a few different income channels which means I won’t be sitting around waiting for work from one stream.

Already have been offered a lot of work, currently on holidays from work but I am still working on freelance jobs and people want stuff done so if I keep it open and try and use all my different skills I can make more great work.  The thing is just not to say no, my way around possible failure has been incremental payments so people don’t leave me unpaid for my hard work. I am very excited about all of the projects coming up and very happy with the current project I am working on. Very lucky to be working with people who think differently and want to take risks. What a year it has been and what a year to come.

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