In 1998 me and a friend started a graffiti web site, it became very popular and probably peaked in 2006. I shut it down in 2010 because I had lost interest and my friend stopped graffiti in 2007. It just seemed pointless to keep going with it. It was popular and had thousands of visitors a week it was low brow pretty much illegal work quick and dirty. Eventually I made a graffiti blog which took over from it and it was less popular around a few thousand visitors a month visiting it so I went from a popular format to a less popular format. When you do illegal work you tend to get more interest.

I remember me and my mate getting past the ten year mark of doing graffiti and thinking we are just going to disappear into oblivion as new crews and artists took over so we made the move to the internet to promote. As time went by things changed and I felt a bit frustrated by 2007. Doing illegal work is fun and you get very fit too but I was a bit tired of repetition, like saying look at us how great are we and trying to be a hero. So I went from a popular format to a less popular format and I was a little happier but there was still something missing. It was in 2011 I started this blog and my first year of blog posts were nonsensical and inflammatory at best. It was fun though and I felt happy for the first time in years, I felt free. Sure I wasn’t getting thousands of internet visitors a week but I was free.

Thats why I believe you need an audience but you also need to be happy. Still remember the look of disbelief on a guys face I had been debating with about business and social values when I told him you don’t need a huge audience to be successful. He was like are you kidding? Are you mad? Well no and yes, yes and no. Glad to have moved on really can see no point in creating something for a big audience, you end up dumbing it down. Create just to get your ego stroked, oh yes I have an ego I am no yogi but I don’t feel the need to feed it. I just want be creative.

I had a great time doing all of that graffiti mind you, many missions, celebratory barbecues, painting a little hung over, jumping fences looking over my shoulder mid spray. Trying to monetise with merchandise which never worked but we tried it was fun cooking up ideas and running around painting. My friend who I started the journey with went into business and has been successful, starting a family and for him stopping graffiti was difficult but necessary to get where he wanted to go. Me I just walked away from illegal graffiti but kept painting legally.

I had two kids and responsibilities I didn’t need to keep pushing the same buttons either. The move was more about being taken seriously as an artist opening myself up to something new and unknown. If success is a numbers game and I have made the wrong choices then so be it, I would rather be doing this now than what I was doing before now. There really is a time and place for everything. The point of this blog really is to touch base with potential clients and have bio and other information for projects.

The other graffiti blog is still running and gets lots of traffic but it doesn’t interest me, it is like a remnant from my past just waiting for something to happen but nothing really happens just numbers on top of numbers climbing and falling in a virtual world. I heard a painting sold for many millions of dollars, many millions of numbers. An unregulated numbers game. Gotta be happy with that. What would Pat say? Maybe I am selling myself short? Is it a journey of the spirit? It is hopefully undefined, a glitch in the system.

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