New directions

Well I feel like I have had a pretty good run the last two years with graffiti, thinking next year I need to get back into oil painting. Haven’t had a studio practice in over ten years and have concentrated my efforts on aerosol but it is time for a change. Know that there is a body of work that is inevitably going to be produced. Happy making work on paper but really need to produce some work that is more complex. Not that aerosol isn’t complex or the works on paper aren’t but there is a lot that has been mulling in my mind for a long time and it has to happen. Aerosol is difficult but quick and you can produce a finish in a fast time, oil is the opposite is can take months to produce a result. There is a subtlety and complexity to oil that is almost impossible to produce with acrylic. It might take some time to get this back on the road but will have to sort it and get on track as soon as I can. The main issue is getting a space that I can use with ease but may be able to do it from home. Having the responsibility of a family means I need to be available quite a lot. Will work something out.

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