The latest lettering works (and I swore lettering was behind me) are more a structure to bring about a piece. The other work of faces were a structure though a more familiar one that helped produce a piece. At the moment I can’t see the difference one leads to another though lettering has another type of history. The new pieces are not hung up on the letters they are not recognisable they are just a starting point as seen by the finished product. When you think of some currents in lettering like Sofles, Vizie, Dmote you get a seventies graphic style updated but the same psychadelic colour and undercurrent. Zatan, Queue seem a little more retro in their type a lot more raw in look and feel. Tiger seems somewhere in-between these currents it doesn’t necessarily have to borrow too much from the seventies graphic types but with Vizie the colour can be there, an obvious example is Bond that summarises the whole trajectory. Really though I look at lettering more than street art but I love Lister, Shida and I see a lot but my all time favourites is Ces, I really love Ces and the flow of his lettering style.

I followed Ces on Instagram and was really surprised how eclectic his work on paper is, it is very interesting. It is illustrative but what I enjoyed was how he played with the letter forms in lots of different ways even though he has a very classic style for walls. In some ways I feel like my new lettering work is a bit of a step backward but what I see is potential and that drives me more than a result. Say if I think of Does and his style a lot of the work has been done for the viewer, the viewer simply consumes rather than imagines. There is nothing wrong with that of course but in my own work I expect the viewer to imagine. It could be that I am lazy and don’t want to fill in all the missing bits I mean what would the point be? Spell every dimension out and make the piece full of tricks? I am not a trickster or a magician I am an artist. Of course art is all about beautiful lies and veils but there is also some truth in it too. It can unmask the truth in the lie, or as Phrase put it the truth can look better in disguise.

The conclusion I keep coming back to is that I am out of touch but I can’t see any other way even though I see other ways every day. The other guys are on the current and I know I am out of touch but sometimes you take a path and that is your journey, I am not a social animal I am different. Sometimes that works to your advantage and other times it doesn’t. So my finishing point is the face and the letters provide structure and that keeps us creating within it.

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