Had an employee of ABC tv visit my work to pick up some paint, he explained the current issues with cuts and the like. There have been cuts over the past five years in general, there is basically him and one other guy who can do the job he does which is building related. He is on call all of the time as ABC have two guys doing an important job in NSW and in his words there isn’t much to left to cut back. It wasn’t all conspiratorial and Abbott hating but there was some Murdoch hating going on. The Daily Telegraph visited the workshop a hive of activity and the little sneaks took a photo in a back part of the lot that wasn’t being used. As described a small part of the complex away from all of the hard work. Then they put it on the front page and described the site as an empty lot with little going on. I suppose media bias isn’t a surprise and they do work for Fox news which is around the corner. Also they have been eyeing this particular site off as a possible extension for Fox but those pesky ABC hippies are using it for  their hippy shows! Maybe now by swaying public opinion people won’t mind if the once busy site is sold off and purchased by Fox. It wasn’t busy we have a photo on the front page to prove it. I personally can understand dishonesty, I don’t like it but I understand it as a tactic. Maybe the ABC need more gossip and celebrities and ditch soccer for league focus on Nova Peris’s sex life and whoever else. It is trashy.

I get tired of a lot of the Murdoch bashing but I have never liked the Daily Telegraph it is a pretty dreary paper, I still remember Howard after being elected having dinner with Murdoch it isn’t a crime but there were two sneaks hanging out. Media bias has become a focal point and fact of life in Australia but people are hating on it. I can’t go on Facebook without seeing tonnes of slander, hell I hope my Facebook friends are voters or we are screwed. My whole feed is Abbott hating focused and then Murdoch pops up then Abbott again I am sick of seeing them so I don’t go on Facebook in case their mugs pop up. I think the irony will be when Abbott gets voted back in with a landslide victory and Fox grows due to subscriptions on Mobile media. Basically I gave the ABC employee some sympathy and hoped he wouldn’t end up redundant. Lets see how we go I hope ABC don’t cut that art program, oh thats right they cut that years ago!

The other problem is laying people off when we need to support employment, it seems the conservative agenda will not only limit economic spending through cuts but limit jobs through cuts. Great work! Good thinking! Make them redundant then turn them away when they need welfare, maybe they can work for Fox. Or better yet work for less to limit taxable income, good show! I like it! Great agenda really, and boy it is working wonders look at that vibrant bristling economy free from parasitical welfare and it is booming! Howard was a good manager of the economy and he had a slow release style that worked, he was subtle even though he was a social moron. Abbott has no tact, he is one dimensional and has actually made Howard look good. But his deal with China could be a way of introducing what would be called a more competitive economic agenda i.e. a reason to lower wages and relax conditions, relax like that feeling when you really need to use the bathroom and finally get to. It will all come out in a most pleasant and agreeable way I am sure.

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