Aside on property and graffiti part two

So the dominion of Earth is given to humans which is essentially a gift but seems slightly mistaken if we see how human societies treat the Earth. Property, territory these lead to wars and so society grows and shrinks etcetera, I guess that was what I left out of the other article. I suppose I like the idea of thinking of God as in charge of Earth just so we respect it but God didn’t necessarily want dominion over animals and land. Really though these are animal sanctuaries and with this comes responsibility for all people to respect what we have beenĀ given. At the moment I am in the middle of a book looking at the history of philosophy and recently arrived somewhere in the middle ages. Most books on philosophy skip the middle ages but it got me thinking and so my latest posts have been about these issues. The book itself isn’t exactly exciting but it has its moments.

I like the idea of the divine leaving the Earth but wanting to give something divine back which is the holy ghost, that is pretty cool but I would love to think that everything is divine and in some way miraculous which by everything I mean Earth the universe and so many phenomena like life. It all gets a bit fluffy I know but you have to respect all of the things that we may never even understand or even know exist but especially what we can know and see. Ok I suppose I should come back to graffiti, a simple surface issue but something that grows where freedom exists and where boundaries can be momentarily blurred. Where recognition can find itself actuated in other ways where a wall can become so much visual detritus or simply pure joy and wonder. Where there is freedom there is potential, sure it is messy but ownership itself can’t be where expression stops. By ownership I mean the mega hardware chain or even property owner who has a big blank wall or mega signage, that to me is just a waste when really you can have other voices even those that we prefer to remain unheard right in your face. Thats just my opinion though we can’t have total anarchy but when you see some potential in something if we work together amazing things can happen.

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