More blurbs, wrote this a few months back, “Even better can we make art?” ha

The current exclusionary practices that have sadly become political cues such as stopping the boats and austerity for the good of the economy have been leading us away from believing in universal ideals such as human rights and the fulfilment of basic needs. How can we appeal to a universal ideal when there are so many particulars that lead to this imaginary whole? When the whole can’t accept all of its parts. When parts are simply there to be exploited. I am not talking about communism but a fair and just society. When the world descends into violence where are there rights? When can you be recognised as my equal when equality itself is questioned? What sort of world are we heading into now that we are simply scattered in either rampant individualism or fundamentalist fervour? This show wants to imagine a world where particulars coalesce and violence gets transformed into art. Where the violence is represented as a recognition of being accepted rather than excluded. From the first days of putting up fences with european invasion we have been excluding free passage across the land and here we are now immersed in division. Can we face our fears? Can we make something that can be recognised for its ability to bring us together. Can we be reconciled? Even better can we make art?

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