I always think about patterns, maybe because it is fundamentally what I do in my work. I think about symmetry and how little it interests me. Patterns are intelligence to some degree and if you produce symmetrical work don’t think I am having a dig because I do like it but it feels too ordered too over calculated. My own interests are quite random and there is a messy logic to random decisions which leads to a finished product just as much as ordered decisions do. Chaos and order is an ancient argument that in this context comes down to patterns. Patterns themselves are supposed to be ordered and the definition of order is usually not arguable especially if you consider social harmony but what may seem like chaos to one person is perfectly clear to another. Say if you were a general in the heat of a battle. The game of Go or Weiqi was one game I had a good knack at because it is visual and random pattern based though with chess I was a very hit and miss type of player the logic wasn’t loose enough for me the patterns seemed symmetrical. Go would just move like an animal anything could happen there were multiple fronts and it was alive for me. Not that I don’t like chess but it isn’t how my mind works Go just seemed the right fit.

Patterns for me move in unexpected ways I suppose the strength of symmetrical patterns is that they seem to dissolve within the boundaries and the eye can only guess of every direction say if it is a complex and intertwined pattern. When I would see pattern work that was symmetrical on some level I wanted to find a conversation other than the obvious that it must have been tricky to do. In some contexts just pulling out random work is seen as easy but making random patterns work is far from easy it is hard, and more about did you make the right decisions through the process. Really though symmetry is on about the same thing, but it is based on another process so what am I trying to get at beside using woolly logic? Well when you think of Steve Reich using sampled patterns to generate sound pieces their is an application of an order to generate something, but maybe this idea of imposing another order to generate unexpected patterns which are fundamentally ordered is probably where order and chaos meet in a very neat way. People though don’t go out of their way to listen to Reich but he managed something very unique and opened the door to sampling and popular music so in a lot of ways we are all listening to Reich’s work.

A number of years ago when I probably wasn’t too well in the head I was fascinated by the mathematics of dirt or the random chaotic nature of what was not ordered. Within cultural boundaries we all can appreciate the ordered pattern of a rug or a decoration but it is harder to appreciate a mark on a wall. Though some people can and some people do it just comes down to what we can see in the mark. Leonardo Da Vinci was said to have seen things in the most unlikeliest of places but what made him so great was his ability to see all sorts of things and then make something out of it. Thankfully he didn’t make organised pattern work for which I am grateful but didn’t make a whole pile of messy marks either. Patterns for me don’t necessarily have to be patterns as you have gathered it isn’t that I am not understanding what patterns are but that I feel patterns are not to be taken at face value and so I understand even my most random work to be a random pattern made with decisions that don’t follow the general rules of logic. There is of course room for everyone in our society and there are many view points and ways of seeing things which I appreciate.

To conclude my circular article I was on the bus and a man who was a bit mad got on, he started rambling and being anti-social so a lady said to me that she guessed he would start being weird. She told me the government were too busy closing hospitals and handing out pills. I mentioned that maybe he wasn’t taking his pills but I knew what she was getting at, we need to get all of the terrorists, boat people, criminals, maddies, dole bludgers and other mythical creatures into some form of incarceration and off the 400 bus route.

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