Last two weeks summed up

It has been busy as usual and I have been getting ready for more mural work. Happily sold five paint pen works and have donated twice to schizophrenia research since my last mural and selling three works over mental health week. Having the money to donate was really nice and I hope to be able to do more. When I had finished my second mural the other week I realised I actually had some money and was like this is great. I thought where could some of it go and be of good use rather than me just feathering my own nest. I actually felt privileged to be able to do it and believe me that doesn’t happen all of the time. I have never been big on charity because I always thought you have to be independent but this was different because it was research and the range of very effective treatments are testament to the research being carried out. It isn’t just the treatments that work though it is your attitude as well like avoiding alcohol or drugs which can inhibit medications from working fully.

The other headway I made through the past two weeks was seeing an opportunity to update my graffiti lettering style with the techniques I picked up from doing portraits over the past two years. My first real attempt wasn’t up to my own standards of what I expected but it was at the same time better than expected in that if that is a bad one then the others can only be way better. I can’t get too ahead of my self though and graffiti doesn’t pay the bills either whereas murals help. I made the journey into portraits to relate to a wider audience and I am damned if I am going to close the door on them. At the same time the personal satisfaction and letting off steam is nice when doing lettering and that is my only interaction with graffiti since 2007 when I stopped illegal work. I am no paper hero puffing myself up into some kind of bad boy but some guys want to stay hard core good luck to them the issue I have is the mounting bills. I am not on benifits and I have to work full time, thanks to the housing market and monopoly supermarkets slash fuel outlets slash liquor outlets etc etc and wars with fundamentalist nut cases we are feeling the brunt of the economy losing steam and seeing money funnelled out of communities who had little money in the first place.

So if I can expand my own interests into a viable mural business and can sell some art here and there things will move along quite well. Art for me as you already know is always a problem for me and I have never really put in the effort consistently but I can see some opportunities looming. They are small and a bit meagre compared to murals but it all adds up and I can see a way forward. Most importantly it is work that I can see myself actually enjoying rather than an agonising ritual and that is playing on my strengths because I have such an unpredictable attention span. If you have read this far you should be rewarded and that is, that I want to be able to continue my donations so even though mental health week has ended I hope to donate again soon and that could be because of you : )

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