Writing through the fog blog, the “MACHINE”


Really like this article from this blog about the machine. It is interesting that in classic schizophrenic thought (If I can call it that….why not) there can exist the “MACHINE”. The machine can be in many forms sending out emanations or commands to those that can hear it. The machine is out there controlling the persucuted individual and really controlling everything. This observation is quite logical on most levels but loses grip as it is simply hallucinated. Funnily enough we all have to deal with machines as part of everyday life. The most ubiquitous being the computer, not so much a “MACHINE” but more a machine. But these days it seems more akin to the upper case variant something with a rather sinister motive operating somewhere in the background. Privacy has become a battle ground and we are all conceding defeat by sharing our wonton noodle soup with the world, the world though finds our wontons rather boring though it is the advertisers that want to know you love that soup (and other soups too!) soon enough somewhere in your feed is something you actually like and that is the advertisers with too much information.
The problem is all of this information sharing is relatively new so we don’t know how far it will go before it becomes a real problem. That is the risk and when I am on social media I try not to interact too much with it because my feed seems to becoming an echo chamber. My likes are being fed back to me and honestly it is getting boring. It is true that the machine is not your friend as the article hints at from the link above. Big companies, big data and a hell of a lot of soups are being compiled on a hell of a lot of servers (called the cloud) and that data is being crunched minute by minute not to make the best soup in the world or the tastiest but the most bland and most liked broth ever concocted.

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