Nice one

Really surprised how well the mural went today, every time I see a photo of it I like it even more. It looks better in person too and happily a lot of people walk by it as it along a coastal walk. It is work like this that I really want to get because it is helping break down barriers in the suburbs. Not that it is in a steadfast conservative area but it lets people see that there is a lot more possible than just big blank walls and not all aerosol work is about breaking windows or whatever stereotypes people find comfort in. I am very grateful to my aunt and uncle for taking a punt on something different and they are happy with it. It isn’t until you see the work up that you realise how strong it is and that can come as a shock.
There is another possible mural that I have to check out soon and a definite one on monday tuesday that has been in the wings for a while. I am really open to anything and enjoy the challenge.

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