Working holiday

Well I have some holidays so basically that means more work, have a mural on tomorrow and possibly friday. Really looking forward to this mural because it is not in the sort of place you would expect. It is basically on a home in the suburbs that my uncle and aunty own looking for something that will brighten up their walls and add some character. Either the neighbours will complain or the council will step in but its worth putting it out there. It is basically based around the mural on Rose Siedler house but it will be interpreted and updated so it is something different for me. I love the Miro inspired forms from this particular mural and the forms that undulate and cross into each other taking cues from the intersections. This work tomorrow could lead to another work in the yard but we will see how the first section is received.
Then I have another work at the end of the month and these works are paid so that is great and in-between all of this will be my own unpaid all for the love etc works but at the minute I am more excited about the paid work because it is not my usual style and approach, i.e. interesting. I could really do with as much work as possible at the minute so it is well received on a few levels and the homes I am painting are quite interesting sites as they are in good neighbourhoods and you just wouldn’t expect it. Not to say that every house should have a mural but these could really work and I like doing things that are not just your typical sites and the work I am making is not your run of the mill aerosol work.
Anyhow I am into it early tomorrow and lets hope it exceeds expectations and opens some new doors for my work. It can be hard to find where you can fit your work and if where ever there is an opportunity and you can see it working go for it.

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