Draft ZapGalaxy

Just started writing some material, just a few bits and pieces

When the plane landed he had been transported from Communist Romania to Capitalist Australia, there wasn’t just the distance of travel but the distance of fitting in and assimilating. This journey created an artist, someone who traverses space and time suddenly is the alien the traveller from another dimension. This journey was so great psychologically that it created a void that had to be filled the world had changed literally
the whole focus became about space travel. A great space race had begun, it is always strange when you become part of something bigger than yourself where ideologies clash and create different worlds, differing dimensions
of thought and focus. Both sides of the argument knew though that space itself was there own end, their description as voyagers on what was potentially a barren and darkened earth. The Earth it seemed was potentially
to be destroyed and a new civilisation created for the future, everything though threatened this possible new world even though it had already been created. Created in the minds of those seeking recognition and peace,
those souls who felt struggle was the way ahead that struggle would define their new world.
For Zap this story was defining he had seen the two worlds from inside and each one was so distinct, money itself seemed the distinction on one side, their seemed plenty though just out of reach and on the other it
didn’t seem to be, instead forever out of reach. Zap feels suspicious about money and its trappings and shys away from corporate sponsorship for his own work choosing to create work in community settings or illegally.
It isn’t to be noble but because he has seen the divisions, that money cuts like a knife sometimes sabotaging credibility and tears communities apart divides whole worlds from each other. For one the fall of ideology
has left Romania somewhat weakened and subsistent, for Australia money has weakened potential for common good as seen with the mining boom baring little fruit for the average Australian but instead creating a few super
rich. Zap’s work sheds light on these divisions these plays on space and time, he uncovers the underlying stories that are designed to shape us to make us forget the common good and prefer the corporate model of
domination. The painting works catch moments of these bigger stories and their unfolding they let the viewer figure it out for themselves leaves the story open so the viewer can potentially finish the story as really
that is everyones job. The job to create the world they live in rather than be left to what is an annex of the process of domination and coercion through the cult of money.

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