Well I have been writing a book, it is about my art practice primarily with some other peoples work in it. I am actually really enjoying it, it isn’t the first time I have made a publication but this is a bit less creative and more formal. It is sprinkled with pictures covering the nineties, new millennia and current practices. It isn’t particularly long and kind of covers the main issues over the decades. Possibly the most interesting work is there at the same time it leaves a lot behind but I might slip miscellaneous stuff near the end. It covers video work and aerosol, as usual it probably will have a limited audience so I may release it as a downloadable PDF and maybe print a small run. The great thing about it is it summarises my main practices which are quite diverse and brings it all together in a sensible way. This will definitely help people see the bigger issues and be something I can present prospective galleries or mural clients. I really like writing probably more than making images, this also is a new direction I am happy I have the skills to do this. It also looks very professional which is a bit different to my several other zines.

One thought on “Writing

  1. Derek Carter! A pioneer of graffiti street art in Australia.

    Outside on any surface Derek’s street art work makes bold statements, challenging the usual stereotypical types of graffiti.

    Derek always strives to look for new ways to express his art form.

    He’s a good artist, a good man and a good father.

    Much respect mate and best of luck with this book, which will undoubtedly cover many diverse works and pass on some knowledge of the culture of graff.


    Joe J

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