The Chosen Few

Have been involved with aerosol culture for a while and have seen a lot of changes in Sydney. In the late eighties early nineties being up as much as possible was the aim for me and others still is for a lot of guys. In the 90s opportunities arose to make money but I ignored it for my illegal work. People would laugh at you if you exhibited back then, whereas the last ten or so years have been all about young entrepreneurs making a scene and making art. Crossing over so to speak from streets to galleries. This is good but where does the history of aerosol culture in Sydney get written? Where do these breaks and junctions rise and fall? Really we should all be writing this history, thats why I write this blog. To see where I have been and where I see myself going. People in Sydney will be confronted with new heroes moulded by a scene, no gritty history or much of a history at all. People like this are a blank slate they can be heroes because they were elevated and created. They say don’t hate the player hate the scene. Bump into old writers and they know who is who but these guys don’t even exist to the new scene. They are the nobodies, their attitude is dated to these people. Nobody owns the streets or owns the credibility but you can slog away for decades and be unknown or you can do a couple of stencils and have a gallery backing you up. Personally it doesn’t bother me but artists need to be assessed for all their faults and virtues not turned into a fashionable commodity for street art loving yuppies. The cult of personality, the cult of money, the cult of fame. It is just one side of the equation though there is a lot more going on around the world and in Sydney. It seems though the world is getting smaller, maybe a bit too small, and predictable. You can usually just say the same names for every show and there they are, I just curated it in my head because the curator can only curate the already curated. The chosen few. I started exhibiting in the early 90s and people thought that was wierd and now it is standard. I started doing stuff that wasn’t about lettering in the early nineties and now it is standard. It is guys like me who won’t sit around waiting around for someone to write their history for them I will just write it myself. Create your own scene and grow. That is what it is all about, being creative.

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