From “Less than nothing” by Slavoj Zizek

“In the classical Marxist dispositif of class exploitation,
capitalist and worker meet as formally free individuals
on the market, equal subjects of the same legal order,
citizens of the same state, with the same civil and
political rights. Today, this legal frame of equality,
this shared participation in the same civil and political
spaces, is gradually dissolving with the rise of new
forms of social and political exclusion: illegal immigrants,
slum-dwellers, refugees, etc. It is as if, in parallel
to the regression from profit to rent, the existing
system, in order to continue to function, has to resuscitate
premodern forms of direct exclusion-it can no longer afford
exploitation and domination in the form of legal and
civil authority.”

Exclusion is really the order of the day. That is what makes
the artist JR so interesting is that he is dealing with exclusion,
the slum dweller peers back at the world into space saying I exist
I am important, I am here looking out at the world.

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