Well the main issue I have is in regard to the $7 payment to the doctor. It is not that it is a lot of money but if you were genuinely disadvantaged it could delay your visit to the doctor. I am not disadvantaged myself and every so often I hit the bottom of the barrel after a big bill cycle and I have no cash for a few days. It doesn’t happen often and I have a full time job with a basic wage but if I was unlucky I may have to delay a visit to the doctor. I pay taxes and I pay the Medicare levy, I would actually prefer to pay through my tax. If I were a pensioner and I needed to see the doctor a lot or had to do it promptly there may be issues in this regard. I can see some issues with this and really a small tax hike would be better but probably amount to the same thing anyway. The real issue is the cost of living in Sydney, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I rarely eat out and Sydney just squeezes the dollars out. Some say that the issue is red tape and the bureaucratic cost of the Australian way of life. I am not sure if it is this alone but having a surplus won’t necessarily solve all our problems either. The obvious culprit is housing, it really is a tough market, I am relatively lucky compared to most in regard to housing. Back to the point the government are hitting a bit of a low with the payment to the doctor.    

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