read it through you

Have an artist I know in Brazil, we don’t keep in touch often. First met him in 1995 and videoed a performance for him. His work is light hearted and fun, he is a performance artist and has a clown persona he performs as well as other persona. I was taken aback a few years ago because we talked in 2010 and I showed him some of my work. It was graffiti, photo work and bits and pieces, he commented that it looked like I was indebted to the cynicism of contemporary art. For one I never thought about it and commented back that it was my own personal issues that were behind the work which was true. One work titled “Throw out” which is on my artworks page was about a health issue I had that made me lose my self assurance. Felt as though I was broken and needed to be discarded. The work was actually meant to be amusing and comical and when it was shown many people burst out laughing. I also thought it was funny which is why I made it though the driver was from a personal health issue. I guess on the surface it looked like some fake gesture full of cynical vigour as gleaned from the annals of contemporary theory. I wish I was that smart and even if I was I probably wouldn’t bother. The other work that I showed was a digital image that looked like FaceBook comments and was also very amusing as the comments were about social self assurance it was titled “period piece” and the text was something from a Jane Austin novel. We could say it was full of flourishes and it also got a laugh but once again from another perspective it could look quite cynical. At the end of the day it didn’t bother me because the people who saw the show got a laugh and he related it back to his own interest in bucking the trend and being fun and comical. At the end of the day contemporary theory touches on the contemporary condition so you probably don’t even need to read it let people read it through you.

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