One issue that is overlooked in capitalist economies is the underlying repression. It is not necessarily true oppression such as in a totalitarian way but it is an under lying driver of meeting desire. What we desire is always changing but underlying what we want is the objects cost. Most highly desirable items are priced just out of reach. This reach is what makes you satisfied when you finally get your hands on the item. Obvious as it is repression is a very good driver and sends us all a bit mad for things which are really not necessary in most cases. Remember getting my hands on an iMac and it was so expensive and desirable that I was deliriously happy for about a year, it took a while to wear off. The other issue is that the object went beyond my expectations but still the fact that it was almost out of reach and I got it was the real pleasure. Repression can stimulate pleasure but not necessarily for the right reasons. It makes sense though if a desirable piece of food was quite difficult to reach for our ancestors getting it would be pleasurable but also practical. Whereas now we are just trying to get some pleasure while things seem to be getting more out of reach. A great stimulator for the economy but a bad deal for a lot of people.

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