Rock and Roll jacket with badges

Got talking to X and he told me, “your styles are so different it is like a rock and roll jacket with badges on it”. I really liked this description it was perceptive. My work owes a lot to my street gang past, I do wear some styles like a badge of honour returning to it. Not trying to say I was a hard crim but I hung in that culture, lucky I survived it because I wasn’t really like that but it was part of my past. My style can be like different badges that show what I know. Leaving lettering behind has meant I have practically lost a badge but really it is still there as a gesture. I earned a badge or two in graffiti culture, I would like to get some denim jackets and do some patches on the back like real old school styles and exhibit them. Been good talking to X good to get some perceptive opinions and some great art.

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