Chatting on the street

Was doing a mural and an academic approached us, he didn’t have a badge on or anything but we got talking. He talked about Chinese business and the social norms. The idea in the west of assuming equality and the Asian business model of doing business with people of similar background such as a God fearing Christian doing business with other God fearing Christians as an example. I didn’t particularly appreciate his love of Asian business models. He was critical of westerners seeing themselves as equals because essentially it wasn’t true. I tended to think that kissing the backside of Chinese business which everyone is desperately trying to get into isn’t such a good idea if you have to renounce what is not a delusion of equality but a common ground where your own private perversions or delusions don’t have to play in the business model. How ridiculous if you just associate with like minded people, what a joke. Authoritarian and rather stupid. It really shows a fundamental problem with current business models, no wonder the west is in such trouble it is becoming the Chinese model and all for a dollar. Give me a break. Does business have to delve into what is essentially private, of course people do tend to gravitate to like minded individuals but this really scares me. The assumption of equality also assumes common good and separates public and private. The guy raised a few questions and really economics is eroding the common good as seen in the GFC as governments throw money at corrupt companies, yes that is the state of the west whoring itself to join a form of totalitarian capitalism.

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