Went to Ashfield, queenspark looking at Murals

The train lines are alive with so much artwork, there has been a huge increase in work. Was happy to see zap and I’s mural too from the train lines. There were three murals that I saw in Ashfield, one was of native birds, the other an outback scene and the one I included on the blog was a strong piece about Australian colonisation or really invasion. The brushwork was so good, very strong and it came across so well close and afar was impressed. Had to check out a wall in Queenspark back in the eastern suburbs where I am to do a mural late April early May. Decided to do a walk from the park to Randwick and drop in on my mum. Ashfield is great the food is amazing, it is filled with so much Asian food which I love. Had a BBQ pork bun, dim sims then for a treat some red bean roll. The fruit market was so cheap and good. Have to go back to Ashfield tomorrow morning to pick up my daughter then heading to Seven Hills to see my friends with newborn. It was a great day for walking around not too hot as autumn sets in, still tshirt weather though.

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