A bit critical

Been a bit critical lately, more aimed at myself really. For instance I love beauty such as incredible work by Carrivagio but can really get excited by jail tats too. Strange and it is me who is the deranged one. In university I painted stains derived from the checkout roller. Spending times copying them and putting them to canvas. That’s just odd and I earned an Honours degree from stuff like that. Sometimes things are fruitless but you just can’t let them go. I see work I really like ignored or criticised, artists who I find interesting barely able to make ends meet. That’s it, it is tough out there and reality rolls on regardless of the interest in bizarre stuff. Believe me I know artists doing stranger things than me who are established and have careers, whose interests are so obscure that the university is the only place that will have them. So yes I have been thinking quite deeply about interests and activities that seem to go nowhere. At the same time I should be less critical and understand the way things can be or can seem. Would hate to stifle my creativity and just shut down, prefer to do things in possibly three different ways at once. If I do my next wall do three quite distinct pieces that seem unrelated so I can see it all at once. I did something similar in newtown I painted the comix then my own shape based work nearby. Well I just keep moving and sorry for all the critical thinking lately just trying to get some satisfaction and understanding.

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