Teaming up

The wall in Newtown was going to have three people on it initially but the third party flaked out. It is good doing bigger work and the more the merrier though Zap and I finished it even though the third party didn’t show. Looks like the same logic may befall our next wall, the third party is umming and ahhing. It is good to knock out a big wall with more people but organisation is key and will that third person show? Me I don’t think so and have mentally prepared myself to throw paint at the wall with as much ferocity as possible. Even though it can be grander and easier to push a wall out with numbers especially if it is biggish you need commitment and that is in short supply with anyone else at the minute. Zap and I are lucky we can work together and we are both a bit crazy (in a good way : ) ) so we can commit to walls and do them. Personally I can work with other people and can be quite flexible but there is a real joy in just letting loose especially away from the more commercial aspects of some of my other work. Really loving some of the work I am seeing around on the streets and posted to Instagram etc. Very exciting in every way. These are exciting times full of rivalry and creativity not to mention just plain amazing collaborations. It is happening all over the world and I am glad to be a part of it.

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