Irrational numbers

Can remember an interview with John Nash and his son. John was recovered though his son wasn’t fully. His son had an obsession with irrational numbers. John was telling his son he was wasting his time with irrational numbers but his son also being a mathematician disagreed. Really can appreciate a wide variety of work though, can still see through the fog and I love what I see. Got sent a great freight piece a real eye popper and yes I dig it. But when it comes to my own work you just never know what to expect. Never mean to pigeon hole what I do or pass judgement on others. This blog allows me to explore my thoughts as though they can carry me from one schematic to the next. John Nash and his son are both mathematicians though they do different things with numbers and both are valid. They just create for differing ends. They see things differently using similar tools to model. Really I am happy that there is no argument or real problem with difference. The irrational is just that, a part that fits into so may other parts rendering it as just that, a part, not apart. The name is meaningless from different angles it takes on other forms. Can’t say I even know the difference between irrational numbers or rational numbers. Numbers make numbers and so forth. To model is simply to see and what is seen is potentially billions of perspectives.

One thought on “Irrational numbers

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