Did a patch up

Did a quick patch job on the Newtown wall, Dredd is grey now. If it gets crossed again we are going to leave it. If the weather permits next mural is on Monday as I have an RDO. A lot has been crossing my mind, thinking of different styles and what I think I want to do. Trying to avoid comfort zones like certain lettering styles because I want it to be quite different. Getting a lot of support from street artists more than graff writers as a lot of my work hasn’t been lettering. The next wall will be but I don’t want to get caught up in allegiances or what I think writers will like because I have to make myself happy. Trying to remember that you can’t keep everyone happy thinking about doing new york style letters but remembering my heart isn’t really in it. If I did do it I would just hammer it with all sorts of different techniques and really it wouldn’t be in the spirit of that type of lettering to do that but it can look good or just really weird too. It would be sacrilege but I like that. Had some other ideas to just pump out patterns and that would sit well with Zap’s style which is probably where it will go. At the same I am not sure I want to know what it will look like and leave it up to a conglomeration of chance and freestyle decisions. I like line work especially messy line work and I have done some good lettering with that technique but it is the form and the fact that the same form is used with lettering. A lot of lettering borrows from the form I am thinking of. So do I want to borrow and alienate the style or just see where this wall will fall. There are traps in freestyle that I have as well where I use certain techniques to finish the work, it is a little stylized but not in a bad way it can work well. I understand why I avoid letters too many memories and styles that I have in my head and all are not my own though I have my own styles for it. I don’t want to repeat myself if I can help it. That is the issue never can make up my mind and lately I have left everything to chance. The wall I’am doing is kind of big and small it is a bit bigger than what I normally do and good for some letters. Just want to see some lettering that is strong but deep inside I know I can no longer live up to the lettering because it is a world away from me. How can I get it as different and as honest as possible? The answer can only be through practice and sometimes getting it wrong is the right decision. 

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